GHEE DESCRIPTION - Clarified butter used extensively in Indian cooking, known for its rich nutty flavor and high smoke point. HEALTH BENIFITS -Contains healthy fats, aids in digestion, and supports mental clarity. ST..
HONEY DESCRIPTION - Natural sweetener produced by bees, known for its distinct flavor and health benefits. HEALTH BENIFITS -Antioxidant-rich, naturally antibacterial, and can help soothe coughs. STORAGE -Store in a c..
COLD PRESSED ALMOND OIL DESCRIPTION - Extracted through a cold-pressing process to retain all natural nutrients, ideal for cooking and skin care. HEALTH BENIFITS -Rich in Vitamin E, promotes healthy skin, and support..
RAGI FLOUR DESCRIPTION - Finely ground flour made from Ragi, high in nutrients and gluten-free. HEALTH BENIFITS -Beneficial for blood sugar management, high in iron and calcium. STORAGE -Store in a cool, dry place in..
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