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INSTANT DAL VADA MIX DESCRIPTION - A pre-prepared mixture for making dal vada, a popular South Indian fried snack, quickly and easily. HEALTH BENIFITS -High in protein and fiber, aids in digestion. STORAGE -Store in ..
INSTANT AVIALMIX DESCRIPTION -A ready-to-use spice mix for making Avial, a traditional South Indian vegetable stew. HEALTH BENIFITS -Rich in fiber and antioxidants due to the variety of vegetables it contains. STORA..
Jowar Puttupodi DESCRIPTION - Ground Jowar used for making Puttu, a steamed cake popular in South India. HEALTH BENIFITS -Gluten-free and rich in minerals, aids in blood sugar control. STORAGE -Store in a cool, dry p..
INSTANT MEAT ROAST CURRY MIX DESCRIPTION - Spice mix for making a flavorful meat roast, incorporating traditional Indian spices. HEALTH BENIFITS -Spices used can aid in digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties..
INSTANT MEDU VADA MIX DESCRIPTION - A ready-to-use mix for preparing Medu Vada, a traditional South Indian fried doughnut-like snack. HEALTH BENIFITS -Provides protein and is a source of energy. STORAGE -Store in a c..
INSTANT PALADA MIX DESCRIPTION - Pre-mixed ingredients for making Palada, a type of rice pudding popular in South Indian cuisine. HEALTH BENIFITS -Offers carbohydrates for energy and is easy to digest. STORAGE -Store..
PULLISSERY MIX DESCRIPTION - A spice mix for making Pullissery, a traditional South Indian yogurt-based curry. HEALTH BENIFITS -Rich in probiotics from yogurt, aids in digestion, and enhances gut health. STORAGE -Sto..
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