Freshly Milled Products

Cassia DESCRIPTION - Aromatic spice resembling cinnamon but with a stronger flavor, used in both sweet and savory dishes. HEALTH BENIFITS -Improves digestion, has anti-diabetic properties, and can help relieve nausea..
CARDAMOM DESCRIPTION - Aromatic spice used in desserts and savory dishes, known for its intense flavor. HEALTH BENIFITS -Aids digestion, detoxifies the body, and freshens breath. STORAGE -Store in a cool, dry place a..
SAUNF DESCRIPTION - Fennel seeds, used as a flavorful spice in cooking and traditional medicine, known for their sweet, licorice-like flavor. HEALTH BENIFITS -Aids in digestion, helps regulate blood pressure, and has..
CLOVE DESCRIPTION - Intensely aromatic spice used in both sweet and savory dishes for its warm, spicy flavor. HEALTH BENIFITS -Offers antimicrobial properties, supports liver health, and aids in digestion. STORAGE -S..
FENUGREEK DESCRIPTION - Aromatic seeds used in cooking and traditional medicine, known for their maple-like flavor. HEALTH BENIFITS -Supports lactation, aids digestion, and helps manage blood sugar levels. STORAGE -S..
TAMARIND POWDER DESCRIPTION - Ground tamarind, used for its sour flavor in cooking, particularly in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. HEALTH BENIFITS -High in vitamin C and antioxidants, helps digestion, and can p..
TAMARIND WHOLE DESCRIPTION - Whole tamarind pods, a tangy flavor enhancer used in cuisines worldwide, particularly in sauces and soups. HEALTH BENIFITS -Rich in vitamin C, boosts immunity, aids digestion, and can hel..
JOWAR DESCRIPTION - A versatile grain known for its gluten-free and high-fiber qualities. HEALTH BENIFITS -Supports cardiovascular health and aids in weight management. STORAGE -Store in a cool, dry place in an airti..
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